I am a mom, a Life Coach, an Image Consultant and an Online Marketer.

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For forty years, I, like the majority, was trying to live a life I had been told to live. I went to college, got a job, married at age 28, bought a house, had two kids, and started my race in the corporate world. According to the standards of society, I was on the right path.

But the "Right Path" somehow was not feeling so right.

I realized I had been conforming to societal expectations, following the crowd, and trying to do my best to please everyone while losing myself in the process. I was intuitive, so I was tuning into the energy around me and knew exactly what I needed to do to provide value. This ability allowed me to prove myself to the organizations I was working for. I was getting recognized, and it felt good. Unfortunately, however, it did not provide me with long-term fulfillment. If I knew what I know now, I could have tuned into my own energy instead and used my intuition to create a more meaningful life for myself. But I wasn't even aware such a possibility existed. I was on autopilot, conditioned by my environment and busy living within my self-imposed limitations.

When I became aware of this, the thought of living another 20-30-40 years this way felt unbearable. My soul, my intuition, was calling me in a different direction.

That is how it all began.

It started as a personal journey out of a need and deep frustration I felt at the time. But it quickly turned into a passion and, eventually, a mission for my life.

I realized that the best gift anyone can have is the gift of "self." Nothing is more exhilarating than truly knowing and understanding yourself. 

And for me, nothing feels more fulfilling than helping people discover their authentic selves so that they can live their lives in alignment with who they are created to be.

The passion I felt for Self-Development and being able to live an Authentic life led me to get trained on becoming a Certified Professional Coach. Today, I hold four different certifications to help my clients become more of who they are in various areas of their lives.

Growth is a never-ending journey, and it is more fun when you are on your "true" path. I feel blessed to find the path that brings me the most fulfillment, and I look forward to helping you find yours.

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I now know;

Life is not about fitting in and dealing with what we have. It is about creating what we want.

It is not about doing it all and getting it done. It is about figuring it out as we go along.

It is not about being perfect. It is about making new decisions, setting new goals, doing the necessary course corrections, and not feeling bad about starting over when we need to.

It is not about completion, it is about the process and the experience.

It is about truly living!


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